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We're happy to answer any questions you may have about Uprising Conference.


What is Uprising Conference?

Uprising Conference is a multi-church youth conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba that exists to train and equip students to live out the great commission in their unique spheres of influence. Uprising Conference is a 2 day, high-energy event with passionate worship and creative moments, featuring premiere communicators from across Canada. We are here to teach youth to fully embrace the calling of the church to be an uprising for Jesus and change the world.


Why should students attend Uprising Conference?

Year after year we keep hearing stories for Jesus drastically changing the lives of students who attend Uprising Conference. They walk away with a renewed faith, a sense of urgency to reach the lost (and the practical tools to actually do so) and a boldness to share the gospel that is simply evidence of God moving in their lives. We strongly believe that being in an atmosphere like Uprising Conference gives God a platform to speak and inspire students and entire youth ministries like no other place can. Students should attend Uprising Conference because they will connect with other students from across Manitoba, encounter the God of the universe and be inspired and equipped in their faith journey.


What is Uprising Conference's denomination?

Uprising Conference is a multi-denominational conference that is inclusive and welcoming to all faith traditions.

Uprising Conference aligns with the statement of faith of Riverwood Church Community.

Please click here to view our statement of faith.


What are the dates of Uprising Conference 2018?

Uprising Conference 2018 is happening on November 16 & 17 2018.


When can I register?

Super Early Bird Registration open July 18th, 2018! Click here to see registration costs.


Is there a group rate?

Yes! You can access the group rate of 5% off your ticket purchase if you are registering 15+ people by calling Riverwood Church at 204.668.3181. Please note the discount will not be valid towards lunch vouchers.


What does the registration fee include?

Each registration includes full access to the 2 day conference. That includes 3-4 general sessions, 2-3 breakout sessions, concerts, activities and more!


What are the ages for this conference?

Uprising Conference is exclusively for students in grades 6-12. Uprising Conference is designed and organized to have a meaningful impact and benefit for both junior high and high school students


What is the schedule for this conference?

Click here to see the schedule for Uprising Conference 2018.


Are meals provided?

We do have a Conference Store where merchandise and snacks can be purchased all throughout the conference.

The only meal that happens during Uprising Conference is lunch on the Saturday afternoon. We have the option for you to purchase a lunch voucher for $5.00/person to receive lunch on-site or you can go off-site to any of the many restaurants in the area during lunch time.


Where is the conference being held?

We are so excited to be heading to My Church Winnipeg (955 Wilkes Ave) for conference this year!


Who organizes this conference?

Uprising Conference is led by Riverwood Church Community, and is a truly collaborative event with multiple youth pastors and churches from various traditions and backgrounds coming together to plan and create an unforgettable and life-changing experience for students.


What if I have extra tickets to sell or I need to buy some more?

If you have extra tickets that you need to sell or maybe you need more tickets and we no longer have any available, we suggest that you access our Re-sell Page. The Re-sell Page is a forum for people looking to either buy or sell tickets. Although we offer this page as a resource we cannot help you to coordinate a sale or purchase. Click Here to access the Re-Sell Page.


Is this an overnight event?

No. Uprising Conference is not an overnight event. Students and groups will need to be picked up and dropped off for each day of the conference. However individual groups may plan an overnight experience at your church or another site which we definitely encourage.


What if we're traveling from out of town?

If you're attending Uprising Conference from out of town we'd love to help you out with costs! You can get 5% off your ticket purchase by calling 204.668.3181. For more information about staying in Winnipeg click Here.


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